commercial EV chargers

23rd February 2020

Are you a business owner in Ireland and thinking of installing commercial EV chargers?

Nationwide and globally, as people consider replacing their car, that choice includes going electric. In the future between one third and a half of the population will be driving EVs. That means that one third to a half of your customers / employees will have an EV. With EVs comes the quest to charge them conveniently.

Don’t get left behind as your competitors install charge points. Business owners are constantly looking to the future, and that future now is electric.

What does this mean for you?

1. Adapt to the changing future: as the global outlook is for a greener, more sustainable future, the possibilities to support that are in our hands. Embrace it cleverly by exploring the options open to you.

2. Show customers and employees that you are a business that cares about both them and the future of the environment and act as a leader in sustainability. Attract customers and employees with your outward thinking policies and dynamic visions.

3. We estimate that there will between 5-20% of employees and customers over the next 5 years that will be driving EVs, depending on the area that you live in. The best way to prepare for this is to make extra car parking spaces “EV-ready” by having electrical wiring connected to the building’s power source and install EV chargepoints.

4. Create an EV plan that will be easy to scale as demand grows in time. This should include a networked EV charging solution that has smart and up-to-date features and updates.

5. Take advantage of currently available grants and tax credits. The SEAI currently states that the financial incentives currently in place to encourage the growth of the EV industry, will be reduced as the cost of EVs and combustion engine cars move to a similar level.

What can Chargepoint offer?

Chargepoint offers the best solution for your business as the worlds largest and most open EV charging network. Chargepoint design and build all the technology, hardware, software and app to ensure that your commitment will be maintained to highest possible standards.

1 in 4 of Fortune’s “100 Best Companies to Work For” is a ChargePoint customer

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