installing electric car chargers in commercial premises

Installing EV chargers in commercial premises – why?

Owners and managers of commercial premises (hotels, retail premises, restaurants, pubs to name a few) already know well how to please their customers. This is a fast-moving world where customers are looking for innovation and a complete experience. Customer car parking is a game changer as it is ultimately part of this experience. Moreover, looking towards the future, as EVs take a greater market share, the popular car parks and hence commercial premises, will be those with EV chargers readily available.

Benefits of installing EV chargers in commercial premises

  • Attract Customers – high calibre EV vehicle owners with higher spending capacity, looking for the convenience of parking and charging
  • Increase Customer Spending – depending on the length of time to full charge, the customer may extend their stay at your venue
  • Increase Awareness via addition to the Network Map
  • Marketing opportunities direct with your customers – via the ap you can create special offers with the customers that use your charging station and as such, attract them to visit again.
  • Set the tone of your business as a dynamic and innovative company that cares about employees and customers.

A rule for EV drivers is the ABC rule: “Always Be Charging”. Naturally, therefore, locations with well managed EV chargers will become destinations.

Consequently, as the owner of the premises, it makes sense to research and install car chargers that offer a complete package, from delivery through to service and network. Chargepoint is that provider.

Why Chargepoint EV chargers

1. Maintained – Chargepoint has 24/7 customer support. Each unit is monitored every 15 minutes. As such, any occasional issues are immediately picked up. We guarantee that we will repair it within 24 hours.

2. Modern – Chargepoint use the latest technology in both Level 2 and DC chargers.

3. Under your control – with Chargepoint you will always be in control of pricing and day-to-day business of your car chargers. You get the ultimate package of power without responsibility.

4. Open source App – the Chargepoint app is open source, meaning that one app covers all the networks in Ireland. Additionally, one payment covers all. This is an attractive package to customers for ease of public charging.

Finally, remember, our team are on the road and available to present the future solutions for EV customers on your premises.